A glance into tree survey report

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A world without trees is unimaginable, our basic ecosystem functions because of the presence of the trees in our environment. The basic functioning of the human body depends upon the oxygen and as we know trees are the largest producer of the oxygen in the world. There are many stories about the Origin of the trees and according to the tree survey report there are many trees around the world which are believed to be 4000-5000 years old. There are many stories which firmly emphasis on the fact that evolution of the trees began before the evolution of the mankind.

Over the past decades mankind behavior towards the greenery of the trees is very harsh. The greedy mankind is ruthlessly cutting down the forests for the fulfilment of there greed. According to the latest tree survey report published in the journal “Nature” tells in forms that planet earth is home for more than the 3 trillion trees. Humans on an average cut down more than 15 billion trees each year. Tree survey report on the nature also suggest that global count of the trees have fallen by 46% since human civilization has evolved. If important measures are not taken in order to save the green environment of the trees it would definitely result in the declination of the mankind from the earth. United Nations has already declared endangered species of the plants. Tree survey already suggest that the it’s the human activity that will determine whether the trees will survive in the given area.

Scientists and the researchers are constantly conducting the experiments in order to save our environment. The world is already affected by the global warming and greenhouse effect. Alone the north and the south pole of the earth holds enough glaciers. If they start to melt, the whole of the earth would be covered with water. The melting of ice on the poles has already begun due to the global warming. The earth’s average temperature has already risen and at this rate the end of the mankind can be predicted easily. A blog on the trees survey report published in the Times.

Now magazine throws light upon the fact that logging operations around the world are mostly responsible for the cutting of the countless trees each year. There are many loggers who work illegally, are remotely in order to access more forests for their logging products.

The survey conducted in the nature suggest that on of each person there are 422 trees on the planet earth if we consider per person ratio to the tree on the planet earth. It’s high time for every person on this planet to realize the importance of the trees. Awareness is necessary because there is no world where human beings can survive without trees.